6 Trusted Ways to Increase Instagram Likes And Followers

The world is now running on social media. The craze of social media has made more businesses get global and reach a wider audience. Instagram is the fastest growing social media network globally, making it a must for all those marketing channels and campaigns.

With a daily user count of over 500 million, the strong audience base and commitment that Instagram provides are unmatchable. Hence, increasing the number of followers means expanding your business reach. Here are a few tips to boost your Instagram likes and followers:-

Post on Instagram at the correct times

The number of active people on Instagram may differ at different times. Hence, it is recommended to consider the timing when you post content on Instagram. There are numerous online tools available online from where you can see which time is best and which day is best for posting new content on your Instagram.

Make ways to get your competitor’s followers.

People who follow your competitors have already shown interest in similar products. You can try engaging with such people to build your audience. There are numerous ways to do that. You can follow a user, like his photo, and comment on his post. You’ll surely get positive results.

Make use of hashtags in posts.

To increase engagement on the photos, you post on Instagram, to connect with newer posts people, making use of hashtags is essential. Using hashtags makes your content appear to a larger audience. The more popular a hashtag is, the more will be the number of posts for that tag. Keep this in mind for using the right hashtag according to your product or service.

Use hashtags in stories too.

While hashtags are typically used in posts, you can also use them on your stories to connect with more people. People who follow that hashtag will be able to see your stories. There are chances that who’s just checking out will see your stories and follow you.

Make use of the highlight feature.

So, if someone lands on your profile on Instagram, how will you convince him to follow you in just a short period. The highlight is the feature to permanently pin your Instagram stories to your profile, which are generally archived after 24 hours.

Keep an eye on trends.

Hop on the newest trends and post according to them to get more Instagram followers. Be the part of that trending wave and look for options to participate in holiday events using hashtags and other features to keep getting more engagement.

Follow the above eight tips to increase the number of your Instagram followers.

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