Ukrainian Railways gradually strengthens its ESG reporting practice

Залізничні новини Переглядів: 8.07.2021, 14:45

Ukrainian Railways is to going to improve environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) reporting Ukrainian Railways, as a socially responsible company in the process of improving its credit qualities, is going to develop regular environmental, social and corporate governance reporting.

Ukrainian Railways recognizes that ESG programs are important to stakeholders and must be addressed. To follow international practices in ESG standards, UZ developed management policies and regularly publishes annual integrated reports according to international GRI, SRS, and IR standards, which, in particular, includes environmental, social and corporate governance sections.

Report for the year ended December 31, 2020 will soon be published on the company’s website. We see such approach as a business opportunity, a risk mitigant for investors, and an essential aspect of Ukrainian Railways’ core values. At the center of our approach are goals such as, creating an environmentally friendly business with an increasing part of electrified railway lines and electric locomotives, as well as following international social standards and human rights policies. Furthermore Ukrainian Railways plans to switch to semi-annual ESG reporting in nearest period.

Despite a fragile post-pandemic recovery in the Ukrainian economy, Ukrainian Railways meets all its obligations to the state, society and creditors, in complete and timely manner.